Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Tit for Tat

Read a few days ago about how Real Madrid is furious with Chelsea because of their public pursuit of Robinhio.Had a big laugh after reading it.Reminded me of their pursuit of Ronaldo and since me being a Big Manu fan,I was especially happy at these sudden turn of events.In short Real Madrid got a taste of their own medicine.Although in the end Man City came from nowhere to buy him,Real now know that they arent the only 'DADA' in the European football.Another interesting piece of newspaper article worth mentioning is Symonds incident.When Bhajji was fined for his Slapgate,every Aussie newspaper highlighted how indisciplined Bhaji really is.They just went berserk.Now,its the turn of Indian Media to turn on the heat on Symmo.IF he comes to India in October or in April for IPL,the media will question every move of his.Like they say "Tit For Tat"