Monday, July 6, 2009


When Wimbledon started 2 weeks ago there were murmurs that Federer would face tough fight from Andy Murray.He was in great form and had The Queen’s title to prove it.The murmurs turned into a reality yesterday except that it was Andy Roddick and not Andy Murray.Since it was assumed that Murray would make it to the final,the prices of final soared as high as 20000 pounds per ticket.But anybody who sold their ticket after Murray's loss in semis was biggest idiot in this world,because he would have witnessed one of the greatest matches in this era.Roddick was always known for his serve,but yesterday he showed another facet of his game,his determination.Yesterday he was determined not to let Federer win his 15th Slam and was doing everything in he can to delay it.Finally when Roger broke Roddick's serve for the only time in the match and the time when it mattered most, Andy faltered and Roger wrote his name in history books in front of his idol and my favourite player,Sampras.So anybody who watched it either by being in the court or watching it on TV for 4 hrs,was your money or time worth it?