Wednesday, February 11, 2009


This article is dedicated to all engineering students who have to bear the boring lectures that often last 1 hour.I divide a boring lecture in 3 parts:1)The beginning(most attentive)-15 min 2)The middle-15 min 3)The end(hardest part)-30 min.At the beginning of the lecture ,I usually try to be as attentive as possible or atleast disguise as being attentive.The usual opening of the book and writing seemingly hopeless stuff contribute 15 min of the hour.From hereon,the minutes seem longer than a five day stuff.Now,I just nodd my head and observe what other people are doing to get rid of the boredom.Giving missed calls to your friends or just distracting them makes you waste your next 15-20 min.Then the last 20-25 min seem the hardest.Taking small naps while the professor is writing mainly constitutes this part.The notebook helps a lot in this part.You can fool the professor that you are noting down important points and can do something else.Eg play X and O. In this part you have to keep telling yourself that its only 15-20 min left and then you will be free.You have to fight those demons in your mind and keep your exterior calm and composed.Writing something on your friends book may also help which may lead to some jokes.Writing assignments and journals is only possible if the professor is not roaming.Then as the professor says the word “ATTENDANCE”..I know the feeling.Its like winning an Olympic gold in front of full crowd or winning a cricket match for India with a last ball six.And thus you pass the test of endurance and patience successfully.