Tuesday, January 5, 2010

New Year Resolution

To be honest,I don’t believe in New Year Resolution but I think there are some people who seriously need to give some thought about it.
1)Jury for Nobel Peace Prize:
We will give Nobel to someone who actually deserves it or someone who actually follows Gandhian principles rather using Gandhi for PR stuff.
2)Members of DDCA:
We will make a pitch that is playable for atleast 40 overs(Keyword here is playable)
3)Salman Khan:
I will speak English in an accent that is neither American nor Australian.
I will accept the fact tbat I am the worst coach that Argentina ever had.
I will quit acting altogether and concentrate on my singing.
6)Bombay Times:
We will report news on actors other than Shah Rukh Khan and we will try to accept the fact that he isn't the greatest actor in the world.
7)Sania Mirza:
I will stop blaming my injuries for my losses and I will retire from singles tennis since it isn't my cup of tea .
8)Ashish Nehra:
I will try to improve my fielding by atleast 1%(Highly unrealistic ,I say!!!)
We will enhance our capability to hold national level exams,ensure a fiasco free CAT next year and ensure that we aren't the butt of all jokes when CAT is held next year.
10)Tiger Woods:
.......................................................................(I guess we all know his New Year Resolution..lol)