Thursday, December 4, 2008


Whatever has happened over the last week is just beyond me.People have lost their lives.Some are making shameless comments ,while others are using this opportunity to state their political agenda.Had my exam today,so couldnt post it immediately after the terror attacks.First and foremost,Kerala CM's comment on a martyr Major Unnikrishnan just made my blood boil...I mean this is how you reward a family who has given their son's life to the country.How dare he says that???? ..and after much thinking I came to the conclusion that- "Even dogs are better than Kerala CM".Second point that i would make is "When will India up its security measures?"...Just have a look at USA..After 9/11,no one even dares to attack them.The Govt should start hiring private security and arm itself with sophisticated weapons.Also the security of hopeless politicians could certainly and should be trimmed.Give every state police modern weapons and also increase the intake.The third and probably the most important...Find Dawood Ibrahim..wherever he is...n bring him to India...if that cant happen find him n kill him.I have seen common man getting angry but this time he is boiling with anger and whole lot of emotions.Something must happen and fast,now.