Friday, August 21, 2009


Since watching movies(and any movie for that mattter) is one of my favourite past time,I decided to remember as many Indian films that were copied or taken "inspiration" from since 2000.Kaante started it in early 2002.Kaante was a stylised version of Reservoir Dogs with songs.The most blatant copy was perhaps Chocolate with Anil kapoor in the lead which was a complete rip off of The Usual Suspects.David Dhawan copied Hitch with Salman and Govinda in Partner.Aziz Mirza copied Two weeks Notice with Kismat Konnection.Zeher is a scene to scene copy of Out of time.The fact that I cant understand is that whether there is any dearth of stories in country of 1 billion.There are hundreds of books written in many local languages in India.But nobody either reads them or considers them sub standard.Most or almost all Indian directors think that Indian audience doesnt watch any english movies or they think we are dumb.I guess if they want to copy atleast they should buy the rights of the film they are going to copy.This brings us to Kaminey .Yes you must be wondering whether even Kaminey is a rip-off.It is similar to Catejan Boy's story which is based on a Kenyan national.However this is where Vishal Bharadwaj is good.He has bought the rights and also credits Catejan Boy at the beginning of the film.Btw watch Kaminey if you havent yet.Totally worth it!!!
PS:While watching Kaminey ,I watched the trailer of Dil Bole Haddipa.It took me a second to realise that the "inspiration" for the film is She's the Man.