Friday, June 20, 2008


Another flick released last weekend from the RGV factory. This time it was sequel to the probably most acclaimed film from the factory, due to which the expectations from this flick were huge.

If the story of the part 1 was fresh in your minds,this film will not appear to you any different. It’s all about the same framework, wherein there is the “GODFATHER”, this time he has taken a back seat with most of his work taken over by his son ‘Shankar Nagre’ (Abhishek). Also we have the “ever so loyal” ‘Chander’ (Ravi Kale). The story mainly revolves round these three characters. As always we have the not so good people creating hinderances in Sarkar’s work, there in lies the basic story.

The story is about opening a mega power plant in Maharashtra could hugely benefit the people, but its very setting up requires the displacement of over 40,000 villagers. The CEO of that project is Anita Rajan (Aishwarya), who does have a full fledged role in the movie. Her involvement is only during the project plan presentation n during romancing with junior bachchan. The notable feature of the movie is the character of Sarkar’s teacher played by “DILIP PRABHAVALKAR”. Then there is a local leader called Sanjay Somji (Rajesh Shringapure) clad in Raj Thackeray spectacles, who begins to turn a ridiculously fickle junta against him.

As such there is nothing new about the film from the point of view of the story. Amitabh bachchan also has done a commemdable job, comparable to part 1 if not more. But the strong point of the film must to be its dialogues, where Mr.Varma seems to have mastery. Naturally, if you have such a strong line up of stars in the film, the dialogues have all the more weight. Watch the film just for the performances and the sheer brilliance displayed by Abhishek and Amitabh in delivery of the One-liners.The cinematographer has also done a superb job, having captured the sensitive moments in the film with utmost ease. The background score is also worth mentioning, where more than anything else the whole mood or we can say the feel of the movie revolves round the background score, the most famous being the chants of “GOVINDA GOVINDA”.

Other contributions by Sayaji Shinde, Victor Baneerjee are also worth praising.

This flick will always keep you on the edge of your seats with the end being the most interesting and shocking. Just watching the film for the aura of the SARKAR makes it a one time watch.


- BY Nikhil Sabnis

Wednesday, June 18, 2008


Ever since his remarks about departure to Real Madrid and his uncertainty about the future is making matters worse.
He just wants to hog the limelight and that's y hes not making his stand clear.
Ronaldo is no genious and let me tell u "He is what he is because of Sir Alex".
We(as in Manu fans) take credit for Ronaldo.He wouldn't have even imagined scoring 40 odd goals anywhere else. Just remember his first 2 seasons at Old Trafford.
No player is bigger than the club....we had cantona...and we had "The superstar" himself David Beckham who got replaced by Ronaldo....If Ronaldo wants to me no one would stop him....Remember the Names :Stam,Veron, Nistelrooy,Beckham,and even the legendary Roy Keane was not spared by Sir Alex.
Its better for the team to let him leave the OT (If that's what he wants).

The officials at Manchester United are behaving as if Club cant survive without Ronaldo. No doubt, he is top top class player but he doesn't play for MANUTD, he plays for HIMSELF.

Anyways if Ronaldo is just fooling around with the press but has secretly commited his future at Old Trafford then that would be the best thing that can ever happen.No1s against Ronaldo !!!!!!!!! But We Fans have the right to know about his commitment to the club.
These speculations are driving me crazy!!!!!!!!

But one things for sure:
Real Madrid is a disgrace to football.Why the heck cant they groom their own players rather than snatching away talents from other clubs. Especially the latest speculation about making offer directly to Glazers. That shows their desperation and characterless nature!!!!
And if that photo with Real Trainer back in December published is believed to be true den thats simply horrible tapping tactics employed by Real.

Bottom Line: Many players Have Come And Gone But United Spirit never Falter. (Remember The Munich Incident). We lost the whole team. but we still Won and won and won. We will always b the Greatest Club. "Glory Glory ManUnited"
-By Jaydeep Ketkar(A True Manu Fan)

Tuesday, June 17, 2008


As much as I hated to see Indian Cricket team in Bangladesh,some part of me also wanted this young team to play in different conditions....The team that Dhoni is trying to build for next WC must go through all criticism ...just like its predecessors ...The team performed excellently in its opening two matches...brushing aside demoralised and hopeless Pakistan team...beating Bangladesh is as easy as it gets.....Sehwag n gambhir gave good starts.They continued from where they left in IPL.Gambhir is slowly n steadily donning the role of a mature n calm player...which is very heartening to see.Sehwag,on the other hand,lives by the sword n dies by it....He must learn to anchor the innings when the going gets tough....still he is in pretty good from...that's the good thing.Sachin would have probably started wondering whether the team really needs him!!!!...The upper middle order read rohit sharma,suresh raina n the younger pathan is a bit of a concern....both must learn to play middle while mixing caution with aggression...the rest of the batting order is pretty gd...The bowlers in the team especially Ishant,Rp n sreesanth will have to adapt to subcontinent style of bowling....The accuracy of the bowlers (read as extras) is marvelous...For the record India gave away 1 no ball in the entire tournament!!!!...With the experience of zaheeer these bowlers are as good as any in the world n piyush as second choice spinner makes it spoilt for choice...The fielding standard has improved but only a bit....What the coach Gary Kirsten has to look is the mental aspects.........Success is a double edged sword...It can motivate people to achieve higher things but can also lead to adverse effects.. here the recent case of Praveen kumar may be cited as an example....Although the team lost in the final,there were some positives in the defeat too....the first n most important...they were brought down to earth after their 2 victories...thus the overconfidence was eliminated...n the second ..since they now tasted defeat in a final they will knw what it takes to win it..
PS:I think the Saurav n Dravid must retire from use...waitin for selector's call...Dravid is in the worst form of his life n Dada isnt getting younger by the day
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