Friday, June 20, 2008


Another flick released last weekend from the RGV factory. This time it was sequel to the probably most acclaimed film from the factory, due to which the expectations from this flick were huge.

If the story of the part 1 was fresh in your minds,this film will not appear to you any different. It’s all about the same framework, wherein there is the “GODFATHER”, this time he has taken a back seat with most of his work taken over by his son ‘Shankar Nagre’ (Abhishek). Also we have the “ever so loyal” ‘Chander’ (Ravi Kale). The story mainly revolves round these three characters. As always we have the not so good people creating hinderances in Sarkar’s work, there in lies the basic story.

The story is about opening a mega power plant in Maharashtra could hugely benefit the people, but its very setting up requires the displacement of over 40,000 villagers. The CEO of that project is Anita Rajan (Aishwarya), who does have a full fledged role in the movie. Her involvement is only during the project plan presentation n during romancing with junior bachchan. The notable feature of the movie is the character of Sarkar’s teacher played by “DILIP PRABHAVALKAR”. Then there is a local leader called Sanjay Somji (Rajesh Shringapure) clad in Raj Thackeray spectacles, who begins to turn a ridiculously fickle junta against him.

As such there is nothing new about the film from the point of view of the story. Amitabh bachchan also has done a commemdable job, comparable to part 1 if not more. But the strong point of the film must to be its dialogues, where Mr.Varma seems to have mastery. Naturally, if you have such a strong line up of stars in the film, the dialogues have all the more weight. Watch the film just for the performances and the sheer brilliance displayed by Abhishek and Amitabh in delivery of the One-liners.The cinematographer has also done a superb job, having captured the sensitive moments in the film with utmost ease. The background score is also worth mentioning, where more than anything else the whole mood or we can say the feel of the movie revolves round the background score, the most famous being the chants of “GOVINDA GOVINDA”.

Other contributions by Sayaji Shinde, Victor Baneerjee are also worth praising.

This flick will always keep you on the edge of your seats with the end being the most interesting and shocking. Just watching the film for the aura of the SARKAR makes it a one time watch.


- BY Nikhil Sabnis

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