Tuesday, March 24, 2009

EGO:3 letter monster

Ego is one of the man's most dangerous traits.It is especially found in male species more than women.Some of the happenings in the real world can be easily explained by this trait.When Zee Corporation owned by Subhash Chandra started its own league with the help of domestic and international cricketers ,BCCI’s ego was deeply hurt .So it completely banished the cricketers(present and former) that were related to ICL and as if to show the world that it could do better than ICL,it started its own IPL.Such was their ego that BCCI did not even spare the commentators working with ICL.Now ,let us recollect the events of past few weeks.When Congress ruled states started playing politics in relation to IPL ,officials in BCCI were so frustrated that eventually thay wanted to show the government that IPL doesn’t need help from anybody.And so we have a domestic tournament with best players in the world being played outside India.Just to give another example,Pakistan government refused to grant permission to send its players to India for IPL.Now that IPL isn’t being held in India,PCB is trying to contact BCCI whether it can send its players to IPL.Will BCCI agree or will stand firm ?Well, your guess is as good as mine.

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n3extreme said...

dude.. think abt 2nd sentence..