Sunday, May 31, 2009


Taking a wee bit of inspiration from fakeiplplayer.,this blog post refers to various characters in our college.Just like him,I am changing the real names of the characters.So guess the characters from their names
Gavwala: Worst kind of Pj’s coupled with unending enthusiasm.Perhaps the most popular among our group.Can also be called “ Perfectly Black Body”
Veet: Most laziest and kamchor person you would have ever met.Always had his eye on one girl who was already committed.The name “Veet” is given with some thought.
South Fox: Always upto some trick or the other.Sometimes went too far.Had a solution to every problem from “how to shorten the assignment?” to “how to get printouts of the experiment?”.Also the worst batsman.
Fulham Fan:Wanted to be in every group photo(although was not possible because of his size)Food is his passion.Strangely stopped talking to me at the end of engg.
Ace:Good cricketer and a complete chatter box.We both formed a formidable partnership while writing papers
Stammer-man:Talent was in his genes.Was a favourite among many professors.Lingapisat no:3
Gujju 1:Had an unusual accent.Had football arguments with him.
Gujju 2:Not worth mentioning(had a fight with him in IV)
Gujju 3:Short but sweet.Responsible for my amateurish Gujrati.Was after a girl but the story never moved forward
Gujju 4:Again not worth mentioning
President:Good handwriting.Hopeless batsman.Only Rajasthani in the world who doesn’t know his native language.
Concealed:Always ready for cricket and has loads of knowledge.Had a secret admirer which became evident during convocation ceremony.
Tendlya:Another cricket crazy person.Cheated a lot when we played cricket
Rock on:If he wasn’t an engineer ,he would have been a singer.His each appearance in college was an achievement.
RSharma: Always late for every paper and every lecture.Also laughs a lot over every single joke
Hopeless blogger: Always use to back answer others.Hopefully Infy curbs his arrogance and enthusiasm.
Specs:Lingapisat no 1.A good cricketer who had a roving eye
Rumours-man: A stock market person who used to chat as if he had knowledge about everything
Kanjoos: A complete character.Aloof.Was mostly with Tendlya.Used to spin the ball when we played cricket
Sawariya: Attended the 8.30 lecture only once in entire engg.Favourite candidate of Zeus.Never completed entire paper in engg according to him.
Tom-boy:A complete cry baby.Tears and tom boy were synonymous.Was of particular help in convincing SHARP group to bunk practicals
Concealed 2:Was part of RSharma’s and Cry baby’s project group.Short in stature but intelligent.
Sportsperson:Had a lafda with almost every professor.lord of last bench.Has a careless attitude to everything but still managed to complete submissions.
Answer –man: Always had an answer to every question the professor asked.A favourite among profs.
Database: A complete database of computer knowledge.
Robo:An expert in robotics.Used to be irritating sometimes
Stick:Most honest and simple guy you would have ever met.Never even uttered a single bad word .
Bike-man:Best friend of database.A good underarm bowler.
Well,that is all I could remember.Now start guessing who is who?


D@\/i said...

FO dude...u r d hopeless blogger here...
saawariya was nice...:) but i guess he attended more thn one morn lec..!!

ace4swap said...

shoeb: fakie bowler ....tht too in box cricket.....when some1 hit him for 4 ..the next ball was quite expected to be SUPERFAST.....soul reason 4 Ace's 1'st sem passing....

ace4swap said...

my mistake..........not only 1'st sem......actually tht was our first official meet ...& there after the "formidable partnership" continued till 8'th sem....

NIKHIL said...

great take!..though some characters r tough to guess,.. i think i hv got most of them right thnx to ur spot on description..anyways thnx for this blog

prat8759 said...

Superb blog!!! I can make out almost all the characters including me. Apla gav-vala KALU is the best!!!

innovatio de kavan said...

good one...

shals said...

good one

shals said...

dude btw, I have been to that place in the picture on your blog last weekend!! cool na?