Sunday, August 22, 2010


I always hate a hypocrite.For the naive one,a hypocrite is a two faced person ,one who criticises others for some mistake and commits the same one.
Take for example ,one of my friend always says he is very sincere and honest in his work and hates others who are not.But when I asked him whether he will indulge in
office politics for getting a promotion,he answered positively.My argument is simple: you go to office for work and hence there should be no office politics.
If you indulge in office politics for your own promotion,then you are dishonest like others.Another example,Ajay Devgan recently said in an interview that he
does not promote his films like Aamir,shouting on roof tops.But I saw him the same day in an advertisement promoting his own film.There are also other
type of hypocrites like vegetarians wearing pure-leather shoes,or a dishonest sportsman criticising the opponent of cheating.Truth is ,Nobody is perfect
and we all have our flaws and we all are hypocrites in our own little way.Because let's face it ,we like to point out the mistakes,flaws, or accuse
and thus completely ignoring our own flaws.


Atmasingh said...

cant agree more............
u've opened my eyes
try being honest to urself in life thats all i want to say

Arsenal Freak said...

Hmm...Hyderabad is really getting on your nerves i must say..;-)
Frank opinion however...Food for thought definetely!!!

yogendra said...

@swapnil:both r true...opinion is frank n yup hyd is gettin on my nerves..