Monday, November 9, 2009


A Sunday usually is a good day for all sports fans.But in the last few weeks,it has turned into a disaster for all of us.India lost both its matches which were on Sunday in the recent Ind-Aus series.The 2nd ODI loss on sunday eventually cost India the series loss.Big EPL matches are always on Sunday.There is always Super Sunday package on ESPN.But as a die hard Manu fan,last few Sundays havnt been good for me.First ,the liverpool loss and now Chelsea loss.These matches always create a sense of anticipation throughout the week and hence the loss in these matches almost makes you depressed.I am also a Ferrarri fan in F-1,and F-1 races are always on Sunday.This season,Ferrarri havent done anything exceptional except for a few podium finishes.This has further added to the glamour of Sunday Blues.I am in dire need of some great win for India or Manu on a Sunday to cure this fever.
PS:The only good thing this sunday on TV was Roadies' audition.

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